Postcard Answers

Have our postcard riddles been driving you round the bend? Set your mind at ease! Here are the answers to our questions. Please, leave a comment below and let us know if you got it right!

Carlinhead Rocks

Carlinhead Rocks, in the parish of Kinghorn, Fife, is named from a resemblance to the head of an old woman or witch (Scots carlin).


Glenwick, in the parish of Cleish, Kinross-shire, is from Scots glen ‘valley’ with wick ‘a corner (of the mouth), the angle between the upper and lower lip’ referring to ‘a cleft in the face of a hill’. It is a striking example of the body metaphor in place-names.


DSC_1016 (2)

The Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow is more commonly known as The Armadillo. As often happens, the unofficial name has largely taken over from the official one in general use.



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